Dutch Archaeology and Art: Highlights from the Drents Museum in Teheran

For the Archaeological part of a the exhibition ‘Dutch Archaeology and Art: Highlights from the Drents Museum’ in the National Museum of Iran in Teheran (from Oktober 2nd 2018 till April 6th 2019) TriJaXa (J.R. Beuker) selected the archaeological objects, wrote exhibition texts and wrote the archaeological part of the catalogue (ISBN 978-600-97737-8-7).

De zaak Vermaning (The Vermaning case)

On the 7th of July 2018 a temporary exhibition about the so called ‘Vermaning forgery affair’ openened in the Drents Museum (The Dutch title is: De zaak Vermaning. Over een markant amateurarcheoloog in Drenthe). TriJaXa supported in the choice of objects, with exhibition texts and with the photography for the catalogue (ISBN 979 94 625 8272 9).