Neanderthals near the German-Danish border

In November 2021, Trijaxa collaborated with German and Danish scientists on a excavation at the northernmost Neanderthal site in Europe (near the border between Germany and Denmark).

Cooperation, advice and lectures

In 2018 TriJaXa cooperated with different archaeologists, artists and authors for instance archaeologists from the Elbe-Weser Region in Germany, archaeologist working on exotic materials in prehistory, the Northseamuseum on the isle of Heligoland, and artists preparing projects. TriJaXa organized lectures, amongst others about 18th century ceramics, the modern vision on prehistoric man and archaeological objects.

Excavation of prehistoric graves at Dalfsen, The Netherlands

In 2017 TriJaXa also cooperated in the research of the spectacular excavation of a very large gravefield of the Funnelbeaker Culture (around 2900 B.C.) near Dalfsen in the Netherlands.

Most northern Neanderthals and export from the isle of Heligoland

In 2018 TriJaXa continued cooperating in research programmes with the Niedersächsisches Institut für Küstenforschung in Wilhelmshaven (Germany) and the LandesMuseum Schleswig-Holstein in Schleswig (Germany). Topics are the meaning of the isle of Heligoland as a prehistoric exportcentre and research on the most Northern Neanderthalsite near the Danisch border.