Andrea Guzman

We are honored to introduce Andrea Guzman. Now that the world has opened up again, TriJaXa has also spread its wings. From September 2023 on, we hope to be able to focus more on supporting diverse artistic talent, at home and abroad.

Excursion Drenthe

Art, History and Archaeology

Together with the ‘Niedersächsisches Institut für Historische Küstenforschung’ in Wilhelmshaven Trijaxa prepared and accompanied the annual excursion of ‘The Marschenrat’ in Mai 2023. During the trip we visited the location were the artists Max Liebermann and Vincent van Gogh made a painting and drawings. Besides that we visited the historic village of Orvelte, megalithic graves and barrows and the ‘Hunebedcentre’ in Borger.

Paddling the oldest boat in the world

At the end of 2021 an experiment with regard to the oldest boat in the world was published. For the full text we refer to ‘Jaap Beuker Academia edu’ (with English summary)

Neanderthals near the German-Danish border

In November 2021, Trijaxa collaborated with German and Danish scientists on a excavation at the northernmost Neanderthal site in Europe (near the border between Germany and Denmark).