Liber Amicorum  Dr. W.A.B. van der Sanden

Trijaxa facilitated the financial settlement of the book “Overpeinzingen op een vuilnisbelt”, the Liber Amicorum at the farewell to Dr. W.A.B. van der Sanden (ISBN 9789493194038). The book consists of 24 contributions by well-known Dutch authors.

Transfer of 600 photos that have appeared in various publications

Trijaxa has transferred 600 photos to the Drents Museum in Assen. These are recordings of objects from the Museum’s collection.

Wal Chirachaisakul

TriJaXa is proud to introduce the next talented artist which the foundation will support in 2020: Wal Chirachaisakul.

Pacharaporn Baispouwan

We introduce Thai Artist Pacharaporn Baispouwan, better known as Jeentee.